Mercè Cañadell

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My work has centred for the past ten years or more on the human figure and its representation using a variety of sculptural media, seeking to extend my command of these processes and the expressive ability to engage the public. Since coming to live and work in Dublin I have become increasingly interested in the richness of this country's artistic traditions and myths and legends, and the ways these relate to my own Mediterranean culture and to the refining and enriching of sculptural processes.

Since moving here I have read widely on Irish mythology and the flowering of Celtic art, and these have opened up for me a new world of symbolic forms I am eager to absorb and explore.

More recently, much of my work has been devoted to the interpretation of the movement and character of the horse and its significance and resonance in the human imagination and culture, from Ancient India and Greece through Celtic Bronze Age Europe to the present day, when the horse is still a powerful affective and symbolic presence.